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After a spring spent mostly indoors, we’re guessing more than a few of you are planning to spend as much time outside this summer as your schedule permits. (Socially distanced picnic, anyone?) Which is all well and good, until you realize all those hours soaking up the sun have left you with dull, dry hair that’s full of split ends. It’s one of those unfortunate summer side effects that feels inevitable—but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these five quick tips for keeping dry hair at bay all summer long.

1. Use a gentle shampoo.

Between swimming, exercising outdoors, and that icky-sticky feeling summer sun and humidity can leave you with, there’s a decent chance you’ll be washing your hair more than usual. To minimize wear and tear, reach for a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo that will cleanse without stripping your hair’s natural oils. All of our shampoos are sulfate-free, but if you’re looking for a place to start, we recommend Hydrating Shampoo. It works for all hair types and contains nourishing argan oil and moisturizing red algae, making dry hair a thing of the past.

2. Don’t forget sun care.

We all know that basking in the sun sans SPF is a huge no-no when it comes to your skin. But have you considered the effect all those rays might have on your hair? Our multitasking Protect & Prevent Spray is a lightweight hair protectant formulated to help prevent color fade and brassiness. It also contains—you guessed it—sunscreens to help absorb UV rays, and weightlessly increases softness and shine. Use it before you step outside and forget dry hair ever darkened your doorstep.

3. Commit to a weekly hair mask.

We’ve covered the reasons why absolutely everyone can benefit from a good hair mask. This is particularly true when summer rolls around and the battle against dry hair begins. Fortunately, we take hair hydration so seriously that we created not one but two moisturizing masks. Intense Hydrating Mask work on medium to thick, dry hair to dramatically improve hair’s texture, elasticity, shine, and manageability. Weightless Hydrating Mask has the same benefits, but in a lighter formula that won’t weigh fine hair down. Both are easy to use and don’t require heat to deliver results. Just apply throughout towel-dried hair (use a wide-tooth comb if needed to ensure even distribution). Leave on for 5–7 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

4. Make moisture part of your daily routine.

Treating dry hair isn’t a one-and-done type deal—it’s an ongoing process. Maintain the magic your mask has worked by incorporating moisturizing styling products into your everyday routineMoroccanoil Treatment is an ideal daily go-to, because you can use it on its own before air-drying or as a nourishing foundation for other styling products on days when you need to step up your game. Feeling a blowout? Reach for anti-frizz Hydrating Styling Creamto add soft hold + mega moisture to your look. (And don’t forget to protect your hair from heat damage with Perfect Defense!)

5. Minimize heat styling.

Flat irons, blow-dryers, and curling irons sure do work magic, but they also tend to compound the drying effects of summer. Whenever possible, skip the heat and let your hair dry on its own. Try air-drying with Moroccanoil Treatment (or Intense Curl Cream, for curly girls) to fight frizz and boost shine. To zhoosh up already dry hair, you can’t beat Dry Texture SprayMending Infusion is also a must-have for dry hair styling. In addition to sealing split ends, it combats other visual signs of damage and contains a blend of argan oil and baobab extracts to leave hair silky and touchable.  With the right tools in your arsenal and a little bit of experimentation, you’ll be on well on your way to finding an air-dried look you love.


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“AIR-DRY HAIR WITHOUT FRIZZ”-If your hot tools have been spending most of the last year gathering dust, you’re not alone. After all, it can feel like more effort than it’s worth to go through your usual heat styling routine when the only people you’re seeing regularly are roommates and family members. (On the bright side, we’re sure your strands have appreciated the break!) But just because you aren’t springing for a full blowout doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel pulled together. Enter air-drying. Sure, without planning, it can leave your hair a limp, frizzy mess. But what if we told you all it takes to pull off a flawless, frizz-free air-dry are a few simple, tips, tricks, and product upgrades—and that we’ve secured the necessary intel from none other than Moroccanoil Artistic Director Kevin Hughes?

What causes frizz when air-drying?

If your hair does not pin straight, there will always be frizz when air-drying. This is why styling products should always be an important part of your daily routine. Wherever there is movement in the hair—waves, curls, tight spirals—as the hair air-dries it shrinks up in some places, and taking that wave or curl pattern out of its natural formation can cause frizz. Then if you add any chemical treatments that have been done on the hair, those open up the cuticle layer and will appear as frizz once the hair dries.

What products can help prevent frizz when air-drying?

My suggestion is to always start with the foundation of hairstyling and that is Moroccanoil Treatment, this will help decrease frizz as well as add shine and manageability to your hair. Next, I would add a product with a hold factor, like Curl Defining Cream. It has medium hold but is a cream, so you will never have that crunchy feel with this product. This will also help keep frizz at bay all day. Another great product is Mending Infusion—this is formulated for use on dry hair, so you are able to eliminate frizz that may have occurred during the air-drying process. It eliminates the appearance of split ends or flyways and has a weightless formulation that absorbs into the hair.

Do you have different recommendations for different hair types?

Yes, all hair is not created equal. For super curly hair, I would recommend Smoothing Lotion. It’s perfect for smoothing the cuticle layer of any hair type, whether you’re wearing it straight or curly. Another great product is Curl Control Mousse, this is perfect for super curly hair to control that curl and keep it in its formation (which results in less frizz, more shine).

Walk us through the best post-shower steps for an optimal air-dry experience.

Frizz can start as soon as you step out of the shower. I always recommend towel-blotting the hair—do not be rough when towel-drying, as it roughs up the cuticle layer of the hair. Next, you should apply a product like All in One Leave-in Conditioner directly to your towel-blotted hair before detangling. This lightweight formula will hydrate and let your detangling brush glide through the hair. These may seem like small things, but they make a big difference in how much frizz you end up with. You can then apply your styling product and comb it through to distribute, once that is done, leave the hair alone to air-dry. The more you touch it or run your fingers through it, the more frizz you will create before your hair is dry.

Can certain shampoos and conditioners set you up for air-drying success better than others?

Absolutely, a good shampoo and conditioner are imperative to frizz-free hair. Moroccanoil shampoos and conditioners are great options because they’re sulfate and phosphate-free. Both are salt derivatives that can rough up your hair cuticle or pull color/chemical processes from the hair). So, it is important they are not in your shampoos or conditioners. Hydration is also very important to keep hair shiny and frizz-free, so don’t skip the conditioner!

Once hair is dry, what’s the best way to smooth frizz?

After hair is dry you can always add a styling product to eliminate frizz. Moroccanoil styling products can be added to dry hair as well. Mending Infusion visibly eliminates split ends and other signs of damage, and Moroccanoil Treatment or Smoothing Lotion is also very effective for eliminating frizz after your hair is dry.


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What Is a Blowout?

Everyone likes to look and feel their best, and a blowout for your hair may be one of the best ways to accomplish that goal.

You probably have plenty of questions about this service, such as what the experience will be like, how long it will take and how much it will cost you. You can find all of the answers to those questions and many others in this easy style guide.

Table of Contents

What Is a Blowout?

A blowout is a unique way to style your hair using only heat and air to create smooth, shiny tresses with plenty of volume. The experience also includes a full shampoo and conditioning experience along with application of the perfect products designed to bring out the best in your hair.

Most blowouts are achieved in several steps for the best look. To begin, your stylist will get your hair ready with a shampoo designed to boost the health of your hair followed by a conditioner for hydrating and improving your hair’s shine.

Then, your hair is towel-dried. Your stylist will apply a detangling product or heat-protective spray such as one from Pureology or Amika depending on the current health of your hair.

Next, it is time to blow dry your hair using a quality round ceramic brush (like this one), which holds heat from the dryer and transfers it to your hair. These products and brushes help eliminate frizz while creating an incredibly smooth look.

Finally, the stylist will use cool air and a variety of products to set your desired style.

Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian blowout is a type of smoothing treatment that creates even more intense shine thanks to the keratin-containing products (such as this) applied to your hair before drying.

This is an excellent option for people with all types of hair textures, and it can even work well on fine strands that are normally dragged down by conditioning products.

After this type of blowout, you may find that your hair is easier to manage than it ever has been in the past. This benefit comes from the keratin that completely coats every hair strand, protecting it from environmental elements that would otherwise cause it damage.

How Much Does a Blowout Cost?

how much does a blowout cost?

Of course, a blowout service can vary widely in cost based on the salon you choose. Going to an Ulta Salon or a local high end salon is obviously going to cost more than a blowout at somewhere like Fantastic Sams. is  any add-ons you request and the texture and length of your hair.

Most blowouts will only set you back $45 or less. However, some high-end services can cost up to $90.

A Brazilian blowout will cost even more, but you will certainly be gaining when it comes to months of manageability. Most of these blowouts cost at least $200 with the average price coming in at approximately $400.

How Long Does a Blowout Take?

If you only take 5 to 10 minutes to blow dry your hair at home, you may be expecting something similar during a professional blowout. However, you should budget more time than this for your appointment because most blowouts take approximately 45 minutes from start to finish.

If you are opting for a Brazilian hair smoothing treatment, you should budget even more time because many appointments take from an hour to an hour and a half to complete based on your hair texture.

How Long Does a Blowout Last?

For a typical blowout, your straight, smooth tresses should last anywhere from three to five days. In fact, the longer you get regular blowouts, the longer you may be able to wait between appointments as your hair and scalp will get used to your treatments.

Also, keep in mind that you may need to come in more regularly if you have very fine or oily hair. On the other hand, the keratin treatment from your Brazilian blowout can last from three to four months as long as you care for your hair well in the meantime.

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Can You Blowout Hair at Home?

can you blowout hair at home?

After watching your stylist tame your hair several times, you may think that you can save some money by doing this yourself at home.

However, keep in mind that you will be losing out on the relaxation portion of the service as well as on the consultation services. In addition, you may have trouble getting the perfect look because you cannot see the back of your head perfectly.

If you do want to try a home blowout or are looking for a way to care for your tresses between appointments, invest in a hair dryer with a tapered nozzle for directing hot air and a cool button for setting your strands.

The BaBylissPRO line is a great option. Their Nano Titanium Dryer is a huge step up from cheap hair dryers and comparable to ones costing 3-4x more.

In addition, you will want a round ceramic brush. Choose a wider brush if you have longer hair. You should also pre-dry your hair until it is approximately 50% dry before drying your hair in sections. Be sure to use heat-protective products to increase shine.

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Is a Blowout Bad for Your Hair?

While a blowout does require heat to be used on your hair, you should know that the blow dryer will never get as hot as a curling or straightening iron does.

Therefore, while any heat can eventually cause some damage to strands of hair over time, regular blowouts can actually reduce damage when compared to the daily use of a different heat styling product.

If you are looking for a great way to take your hairstyle to the next level or want a delightful pampering experience before your next girl’s weekend, be sure to consider a professional blowout.

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